Author Topic: Anyone following Nantero NRAM ?  (Read 7493 times)

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Anyone following Nantero NRAM ?
« on: Fri, 17 May 2019, 07:41:11 »
Anyone heard of NRAM, an upcoming nonvolatile computer memory supposed to arrive (in small quantities) this year ?

Apparently it’s based on an aggregate ‘mat’ of carbon nanotubes (literally a “physical memory”) and eats current nonvolatile memory technologies for breakfast in ways like:

- Incredible heat resistance
- Very low power consumption
- Read/Write durability
- Data retention in the thousands of years
- Immunity to basically everything (radiation etc)
- Not stupidly expensive
- DRAM fast
- Good potential for large capacities

A lot of the technical stuff is above me. But I’d to love to hear if anyone with the science background to understand it, could explain if NRAM is as exciting as it seems.
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