Author Topic: FS (Cleaning House): GMK RGB and CMYW mods, GMK SpaceBars (pink, orng), ncase M1  (Read 655 times)

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20190713: Update: I won't be able to reply to PMs until Monday (possibly late Sunday). Please be patient and I'll get back to you asap.
20190713: Update: Item 06: Leading Edge DC-2014 is sold.
20190715: Update: Item 04: Topre Japanese Keyset (Red) is sold.
20190716: Update: Item 07: LZ / Team Redline TrikX is sold.

I haven't been active in some time because I found my perfect keyboard and haven't looked back. That said, while I was out here I traded a bit and always got good heat on Heatware.
Note that I prefer to sell to people who have good heat on heatware as well.

Regions:      Continental US Only (Sorry to everybody else - I have kids and don't have the time to sink into this - because if I did I'd want to do it properly and that takes time to research (that I really don't have).

PayPal Fees:   In all cases the buyer will pay the PayPal Invoice Fees (google says this is approximately 2.9%).

Shipping:      ITEMS 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05:   Shipping Included in Cost

                  ITEMS 06, 07, 08:            Shipping is EXTRA and paid for by Buyer.
                                                Clearly Depends on the Buyer's Zip Code.
                                                I'll update this post with weights so you can estimate.

Prices:         All Prices are in USD.

Terms:         No Refunds. Check my Heatware account: What you see is what you get.

NOTE:      I reserve the right to sell to whomever I wish to sell. I've always had the best experience selling to people who
         have great Heat on Heatware and I will be sticking by that too. This isn't just first come, first serve.

Item 01:   GMK RGBY Mod Kit (Black Letters)   $45.00

Item 02:   GMK CMY Mod Kit   (White Letters)      $45.00

Item 03:   Lot of GMK Space Bars            $15.00
         I got these from an IvanIvanovich GB before he turned into a complete d***wad and shafted everybody in the Miami Nights GB.

Item 04:   SOLD Topre Realforce Japanese
         Full Set (Red)                  $95.00
         In Box, as pictured.
         Brand New condition: I used a couple of the mods
         for a couple of weeks until I got the complete English set.

Item 05:   Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad            $35.00
         including the provided proprietary usb extension cord
         In box, as pictured, brand new condition.

         I used this for a couple of days before I realized that an
         apple layout on a windows box just wasn't going to do it for me.

Item 06:   SOLD Leading Edge DC-2014            $100.00
         w/ complicated blue alps

         Just about what I paid for it.
         Missing a rubber foot bumper.
         I never got around to doing anything with it but yes, these
         switches are awesome.

Item 07:   LZ / Team Redline TrikX            $300.00   (Without Keycaps)
                                    $400.00 (With Keycaps)


         The Keyboard:
         -   Programmable.
         -   The base plate allows switch cover removal.
         -   Currently has a cherry lock switch installed in the NumLock position.
         -   Originally installed PCB-mounted cherry blacks but switched nearly all of them
            with the 45g springs and purple Zealio stems (tactile / non-clicky).
         -   Krytox Lubed: very, very lightly: buttery smooth action.
         -   In between the PCB and the Base Plate, I create my own cut out of the
            base plate, in high density foam rubber and installed it between the
            PCB and the base plate to help the acoustics of the board.
            I had just left a very pingy FILCO and wanted to ensure that I wasn't
            walking into the same problem here (particularly with a full aluminum
            case). You can see this in the photos when you look at the cut-outs in the plate that
            appear next to the space bar: it completely surrounds every key
         -   I also have Sears/Craftsman tool drawer liner and a very thin layer of
            athletic "Pre-Wrap" foam underneath the PCB.
         -   This thing sounds amazing.
         -   This was my daily driver for about a year before I switched over to Topre.
         -   There is one scratch (on the top of the bottom part of the case - this is a manufacturing defect: the black is
            anodized into it but because of its location you'll never see it.
         -   There is one scuff on the bottom: almost certainly because of me but it's very difficult to see - doesn't even show up in the
            photos but it's there: full disclosure.

         Its Keycaps:
         -   These are from Originative. The alphas are a brighter white than we usually see on these
            beige sets. The is the "usual" beige. All GMK. The GMK mods are from a separate group buy of some kind of other.
            Note the '#' legend on the '3' key: I contacted Originative back when I bought these and he swapped these out like
            two or three times and this was the best of the bunch. I was not very please with keys from this vendor and didn't
            shop with him again but here we are: I'm very into 'full disclosure'.

NOTE: I've looked at these pics on a couple of different screens now and on some screens (my camera) the switches look blue.
I assure you they are totally purple zealios.

Item 08:   ncase M1 (Revision 1)            $160.00

         -   I bought this expecting to build an ITX but went mATX instead. Always thought I'd build it out
            but now I just can't bring myself to care about it.

         -   Really mint condition: includes the optional ODD top.

         -   ALL mounting hardware originally provided by the indiegogo campaign is included.

         -   The box is included as well.

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All keysets ought to have blank "Windows" and "Menu" keys.

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