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New Cherry Stabilizer mod. [Spring Stab Mod]
« on: Sun, 18 August 2019, 12:22:21 »
Let's start with a simple answer. I only did this because of both sheer curiosity and the need to help silence the stabs on my tokyo60 V2 as the stabs weren't the best. and so here I am getting 2 20g Topre compatible extra weight compression springs trying to get thick smothered lubed keys to be normal and to help keys return travel faster.

ever since the days into mechanical keyboards, some boards have stabilizers with springs specially designed onto the stabs on the spacebar. this is hypothetically used to help with increase return force in a more easier way than ordering separate key switches or the more likely to help with reducing rattle; for now, I still do not know the real reason behind it. but however, in the interest of science and also because nobody, as far as I know, have yet to think of this really strange and definitely eccentric idea, I mean who would have the balls to say you know what we need to put springs into our stabs to make it better.

so here is my 4-month log into the unknown frontier.

let's jump to when I decided to buy the springs, mainly because no-one wants to part with 55g OG Topre domes
so I knew that plum has pressure springs in stock that will fit Topre keyboards. and because of the size, I theorized that it might fit a stab albeit not the most elegant way.
and there I went and ordered 200x20g springs

and after weeks of really stressful international shipping, it has arrived. and so I went installing it on my entire keyboard collection well most of it except for one.

installation is really simple

step 1, remove the keycap

step 2, do all the lubing of the stab if you have not

step 3: insert one spring on each side of the stab where the keycaps connect.

step 4: install the keycaps like normal albeit with some force

step 5: Sing the circle of life out loud where your neighbors can hear you and proclaim with your keyboard in hand outside your house "live long and prosper"

and enjoy all of it.

so what did it bring other than the obvious 40g increase in weight?
well, mostly it helped silence the larger keyboards mainly because of the weight increase.
but also keep the stabs from being too rattly and loud but that does not excuse you from buying **** stabs in the first place, the KBD75 that I have had the same mod but the stabs still rattle like fish in a giant hollow metal ball.

PS: if you have done step 5, its time where you start questioning your life choices and events on how and when did it lead your into following strange and questionable things without a single doubt.
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