Author Topic: Help sought in finding old Model M mod (keyboard/kneeling chair combination)  (Read 406 times)

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Years ago, (likely a decade or more) I saw a Model M modification that impressed me very much.  If you saw it at the time, you probably remember it as well.

It involved someone taking a standard Model M keyboard, cutting it in two, then joining the two halves back together with a ribbon cable so that everything worked as before.  The ribbon cable allowed them to mount one half on the keyboard on each side of one of those backless "kneeling chairs" that also lack armrests.  The result was that, for relatively little expenditure, they had a keyboard that allowed them to sit in a kneeling position, arms hanging straight down by their sides, and type.  Amazing.

Does anyone else remember this mod?  If so, can you please give me an idea of who did it and where I might hope to find it today so I could take a second glimpse?
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