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Led Control Cospad
« on: Mon, 16 September 2019, 12:48:45 »
I'm able to program my cospad with layers etc using I only have leds in the top row. I can't control every single led, but I can toggle the first col first row led and then the rest. So I have the first one showing up when I'm on layer 1 and the rest (other 3) when I'm on layer 3. I also have a niu mini that I programmed with qmk. I find it easier to make changes to. When trying qmk I can only toggle the backlight (first row col 2 to 4) when at layer 3 but no clue on how to toggle the first led. At I can bind a layer to SW1 (the first led) and another layer to SW6 (the other 3 leds). Anyone any idea on how to program qmk so the leds acts the same as it would using ? Not smart enough to figure this out on my own. Really tried though and just don't want to give up yet.