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Hello from Romania!
« on: Wed, 02 October 2019, 16:12:46 »
Hey guys! Been lurking here and on reddit for a long time.
A lot has happened in the last year. I've been soldering, desoldering, lubing swtiches, designing pcb's, 3d modeling and printing cases and writing qmk frimware.
I currently own an IKBC MF87 with lubed 67g V1 Zealios, a NYM96 keyboard (the barebones kit) with lubed holy pandas, a salvaged Apple AEKII keyboard with orange alps (I love me some tactile switches) and right now, I'm clacking away on my very own split ergo creation which I've been working on for almost a year.
I'm not much of a talker but I figured I should start having a voice around here since I'm planning to run a small GB for this keyboard in the not so distant future so stay tuned for an interest check pretty soon!

What crazy projects have you been working on lately? Any fellow Romanians around here? Don't see a alot of my compatriots into these kinds of hobbies :(
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Re: Hello from Romania!
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 09 October 2019, 14:50:08 »

Poor student with a Dell AT101W, and some keyboard pieces here and there :D