Author Topic: [GB] Syruplabs X CRP UPDATE: CRP2.2 WILL BE USING R3 MOLDS (IN PRODUCTION)  (Read 23430 times)

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Key Update below

2020-03-11 Update
- CRP is no longer a one-man production. The cavalry is arriving tonight here or tomorrow in china and they'll be pulling OT to get the sets done. tada
- With that being said, ETA early to mid April to us - this is accounting for any shipping delays that may occur due to Covid19
- next update sometime next week
- Thank you again to all our participants going on this wild ride with us

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2020-03-21 Update

- Production is 80% there. Arabic is finished see here:
- Again on track for April ship date
- Will update again on 2020-03-30 expect a non-update as we are finishing up production.

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This looks good, I'm not sure how I managed to miss the GB. Will there be extras after the GB orders have shipped?