Author Topic: Mapping SlimBlade or Elecom Huge buttons and chords in Linux  (Read 8961 times)

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Mapping SlimBlade or Elecom Huge buttons and chords in Linux
« on: Thu, 31 October 2019, 14:27:40 »
1. For a Kensington SlimBlade in Linux, is it possible to map the bottom button chord separately from the top left button? Moreover, is it possible to map any button chords?

Although there are many ways to map/remap buttons (such as with xinput, an conf, xbindkeys, xte, xvkbd), the possibilities seem somewhat limited compared to what can be done with TrackballWorks on Windows and Mac, specifically in mapping button chords.

By default, the top left button is middle click, and no button chords are recognized. Middle button emulation enables the bottom chord (default left+right click). However, with middle button emulation enabled, remapping the top left button likewise remaps the bottom chord. The top left button seems inseparably connected with the bottom chord. And if it's possible to map button chords, I have yet to find out how.

These apparent shortcomings led me to get an Elecom Huge, and so far I'm pleased with it.

2. For an Elecom Huge in Linux, I have successfully mapped buttons to double click, triple click, and to keyboard commands with xvkbd. I know more complex mappings are possible with xbindkeys. But what I'm most interested in is mapping button chords, and it seems that the best option may be xbindkeys guile, but I have yet to work it out.
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