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Hello human
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The Best Long Range Baby Monitor That You Need to Get For Your Family

Every parent knows that life completely changes the moment their firstborn arrives. All of the household tasks would have to be put on hold the moment your child starts crying and sometimes they would start crying for absolutely no reason at all. You spend every moment of the day worrying about your child the moment they are out of sight.

That’s why, for some parents, a good long range baby monitor is absolutely essential so that even when you’re not in the same room you can still see how they’re faring and even talk to them, since many top baby monitors nowadays also act as walkie-talkies. Longer range makes for easier monitoring regardless of your distance from them.

So, to help you out on your next shopping trip, here is the ultimate the review of Best Video Baby Monitor with the longest range.

1. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

If audio is the only thing you want in a baby monitor then consider the Philips Avent DECT. The connectivity is extremely reliable and can give you crystal-clear audio the moment you pick up the parent unit. The parent unit is completely rechargeable so you don’t need to worry much about power there.

The system also has integrated temperature sensors to provide you with accurate reading of the room temperature at all times. Temperature monitoring is one of the most important tasks that you need to do as a parent since the ambient temperature can affect drastically the health of your child. This baby monitoring system can tell you immediately when you need to adjust your thermostat for your child to be most comfortable in their crib.

The entire system is operated on battery and has about 18 hours of run time on a single charge. That’s plenty of time for such a sophisticated device! It’s also got indicators for when the battery’s low so that you always know when to charge it up.

The microphones on the system can facilitate two-way communication between yourself and the child. It can play lullabies and even act as a night light for kids who are still a little bit afraid of the dark.

The range is an extensive 330 feet. That’s ample enough for you to still get a signal all the way from the backyard, let alone the laundry room!

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The Best Baby Monitor Reviews - What Is The Best Baby Monitor

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2. Dragon Touch DT50

If audio-only is not enough then the Dragon Touch DT50 can give you both the video and audio streams for you to monitor every movement and sound of the child inside the nursery. There are tons of mentionable features in this monitor system.

The first must definitely be the video quality being excellent HD. The details are clear and the colors are vivid through the parent unit. You definitely will not miss any of the activities going on inside the nursery. The camera can tilt and pan flexibly, allowing you a 360-degree view of the nursery. The auto-tracking function of the Dragon Touch DT50 is also a huge plus. The camera will automatically lock into the baby and follow them around without needing your manual intervention on the parent unit.

The camera can monitor your child both during the day and at night with night vision. There are also temperature sensors to keep track of the room temperature. Two-way communication can also be done, lullabies can be played through the speaker, there is also an LED light that can act perfectly as a night light for the child.

The system’s expansible. You can add four additional cameras to the system to build a monitoring network for your child throughout the house.

Speaking of the parent unit, it boasts a five-inch color screen. Every single feature on the Dragon Touch DT50 can be enabled through this unit. Most importantly, the parent unit can catch the signal from the camera from 1,000 feet away thanks to the 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology that’s packed inside.

3. Cocoon Cam Plus

There are two things that are most excellent about this baby monitor: The ability to stream HD video in real-time directly to your smartphone through an app and a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer the instant you buy the system.

Aside from giving you a live stream of your baby that can be instantly accessed from your smartphone, the camera also boasts sensors for breathing monitoring and will immediately alert you the moment it detects something unusual. You don’t even need to be on the phone for the camera to do its work. It just automatically keeps an eye on your child.

The microphones and speakers will also facilitate two-way communication between you and the child in the room.

Although the camera transmits data via the internet you don’t need to worry about privacy since all of the transmissions are encoded and secured in the cloud. All accesses to the video and audio streams must be password-verified.

And since the system operates through the internet, the range is nearly limitless. As long as you have a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular), even halfway around the globe, you can check in on your child.


The safety of our children must be the top most concern and if you’re looking for the Best Baby Monitor Camera to order now, you definitely can’t go wrong with one of these.
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