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Suggestion for new sub forum and roles attend IC / GB
« on: Wed, 01 January 2020, 10:21:01 »
As a new-ish user I have found it incredibly difficult to work or which GB threads are for actual active group buys.
I considered a simple set of rule changes that would make that place so much easier to navigate.

- When an IC goes to GB the thread must have a comment saying so, link to the GB thread and thread locked, preferably title updated too.
- When a GB ends, same thing. Post comment, link to new thread, lock thread, update title. These threadw should only be unlocked whilst it is possible to join the GB.
- New sub group in Marketplace called "Post GB Updates". Once the GB closes you open a thread there to deal with the manufacture and delivery phase.

It's only one extra thread per GB, and it stops the top of the GB sub forum being full of old threads because people are chasing for updates 18 months later.

Essentially it means the threads at the top of both forums are active IC and GB and makes it much, much easier to work out what is actually open for joining.

At the time of writing out the top ten threads in the GB forum, only 3 are open for joining. Not everyone updates the titles, and it is frequently disappointing to find a GB for a nice board, only to find it closed 12 months ago.

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