Author Topic: [WTS] IBM F AT, Tokyo60 Kit, TMK64 Alps (+ Misc Keyboards, Keysets, Components)  (Read 4560 times)

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Hey everyone, selling a decent amount of stuff here so please bear with me on responses.  Shipping is not included in the prices below.  Most prices are at least somewhat flexible, and as always don't be afraid to call out any crazy prices - I tried to price fairly, but mistakes do happen. 

Verification Photos:

CategoryItemPhotoAsking PriceDescriptionAddtl Photos
KeysetKeypop trans spacebars$5.00Price per each; green, blue, orange, yellow available
KeysetBlack on Blue Dyesub MX set$20.00OBO
KeysetWYSE Set (Thick - #4 in photo)$15.00OBO
KeysetWYSE Set (Thin - #7 in photo)$10.00OBO
KeysetWYSE Moogle Set$35.00OBO
KeysetWYSE Tsangan Set$25.00OBO
KeysetWYSE UK ISO Set$30.00OBO
KeysetRGB Mod Set (Dyesub PBT)$15.00OBO; visible dent on left Shift
KeycapsSadster (x100)$2.00Each
KeyboardIBM Model F AT$200.00Good condition
KeyboardCM Novatouch$250.00Like new - rarely used, mainly for photos; Missing USB cable and keycap puller,
KeyboardCM Quick Fire Rapid (MX Blue)$60.00BNIB
KeyboardMech27 v1 Prototype$250.00Machining defects, imperfect board (prototype),,,
KeyboardMercury Rocketeer$300.00Halo True switches, brass plate, Altmods + Arrows + Colevrak keyset addons
KeyboardTokyo60 Keyboard Kit v2$200.00Silver Case, Season 2 Dyesub Keyset, Acrylic Diffuser
KeyboardTMK64 Alps PCB w/ Matias Quiet Click Switches$150.00From this GB:; Blue Plate; Alps "Olivette" Doubleshot; Keyset Included (Alphas in photo); Alps DCS Infinity Modifier Kit Included (Mods in photo) ($60); Stabilizer set included,,,
KeyboardIBM Numpad (Model M)$60.00Good condition
KeyboardGH36 PCB$0.00Unused
KeyboardSmallfry Titanium JD40 Keyboard Kit (Cerakote coated)$215.00Cyan back plate, Magenta top plate; Stabilizers and gasket included; No switches, can include MX Clear at fair price by request
KeyboardBlack Police Board (MX Blacks)$30.00With splash guard
AccessoriesMKC 60% Silver Tray Case$125.00Good condition, used,
AccessoriesBlue TEX low profile case$120.00Good condition, used
AccessoriesCustom LEGO Case$75.00Selling for price of bricks
AccessoriesFrosty Flake Controller Board$30.00Unused
AccessoriesKrytox Lube$15.00Sealed, unused
AccessoriesEnabler PCBs (x150)$40.00Unused
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Steel) - 62g$10.00Qty ~100
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Steel) - 65g$10.00Qty ~100
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Steel) - 68g$10.00Qty ~100
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Gold) - 50g$15.00Qty ~100
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Gold) - 60g$15.00Qty ~100
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Gold) - 65g$15.00Qty ~100
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Gold) - 70g$15.00Qty ~100
AccessoriesSprit Springs (Gold) - 120g$15.00Qty ~100
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Noxary T60 Night Blue

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Can you elaborate on the 'imperfect board (prototype)' bit on the Mech27?

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The M50 thingy is along with its F brother the weirdest keyboard ever made by IBM
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Can you elaborate on the 'imperfect board (prototype)' bit on the Mech27?

The board has sold, but it was a prototype board with some visual defects to it.  Here is an album for posterity if you're curious. 

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hey i want to buy the MKC 60% Silver Tray Case, i dont really know how to use this forum tho so i would appreaciate if we could write on discord or twitter.