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Hello from Switzerland
« on: Sun, 02 February 2020, 13:23:24 »
Hey everyone, little background about myself.
Been working with PCs since I was around 14 and been loving tech ever since.
I've been using mech keyboards for a while now and I've been through a few, but my current one is a GMMK TKL with lubed Gateron Brown switches, lubed stabs and using Kailh speed bronze switches for the F Keys.
Never knew about geekhack until a few weeks ago. And I was watching a lot Taeha Types and Tae Keyboards.

Enjoying the hobby right now, and I'm planning on building a few keebs when I can ;D

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Re: Hello from Switzerland
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 03 February 2020, 09:43:01 »
Welcome, masamune27. I'm the same with computers. I can't get enough of tinkering with them.

I'm surprised geekhack has managed to fly under the radar for you.