Author Topic: Greetings from Portland, Oregon!  (Read 1136 times)

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Greetings from Portland, Oregon!
« on: Fri, 07 February 2020, 12:15:49 »
Hey everyone! My names Arsene and Iím relatively new to the custom mechanical keyboard hobby. I recently built my first GH60 (simple and cheap, but a good test.) and Iíve really learned to enjoy having the freedom and customizability of a custom made over a prebuilt because of it. I joined geek hack in the hopes of learning more and keeping up on the various group buys that are scattered across the various keyboard websites. Hopefully Iíll be speaking to more of you and posting some of my completed builds for everyone to enjoy in the near future!

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Re: Greetings from Portland, Oregon!
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 10 February 2020, 13:13:29 »
Hi Arsene. Welcome to Geekhack. I have never done the whole LEGO keyboard thing myself, partly because there aren't many options for boards with dedicated arrow keys.