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Hows it goin' from Australia
« on: Wed, 12 February 2020, 01:26:16 »
Hi Everyone.
Came across this site after reading many threads on the mk reddit.
Basically started my mech journey with a terrible Logitech G910, and moved through a few gaming mech keyboards (Corsair K95 Plat, Coolermaster MK850 etc).  My current gaming keyboard is a wooting 2 with the  linear black switches.

My missus and family hate the sound of mech keyboards, so I bought a ducky one 2 mini with silent reds.  That was the keyboard that showed my ignorance on what kind of keyboard I wanted.  It's so well designed and thought out...but it wasn't enough.

Now I have a custom DZ60RGB in a tofu case and have started down the rabbit hole of looking at group buys etc which has landed me here  :)
The main thing that surprised me was the cost of the good quality keycaps, but looking forward to joining a few group buys and speaking with like minded people.

I'm sorry, but I really like RGB lighting on my keyboards from both a functional and aesthetic perspective.
Prefer 60% for work, and full size for gaming (numpad used for older games like duke3d / doom1&2).

Anyway, looking forward to spending time here.