Author Topic: PrimeKB Silent Alpaca Switch Review  (Read 6014 times)

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PrimeKB Silent Alpaca Switch Review
« on: Sat, 15 February 2020, 17:54:40 »
Hey all,

It's me, back again with another review. This time I take a look at PrimeKB's Silent Alpaca linear as well as show off the fancy Durock silent linear samples that I acquired as part of my exploration of these pieces. As I stated last time in my meta review, I am in the beginning stages of desiging my own website to host these reviews in the future, though I couldn't possibly make you all wait on reviews as I did such. As per usual, please find the Google Drive link where all of my reviews and documents are hosted below:

As a general reminder, my DM's are always open either on here or on Discord (ThereminGoat#2561). Hope you all enjoy!