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Hello, Geekhack. I'm RhubarbKeys!
« on: Mon, 02 March 2020, 12:49:54 »
I recently fell into the rabbit hole that is the mechanical keyboard community. I just upgraded to a Ducky One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Blues from my Razer Blackwidow and am loving it. Hoping to get myself a custom board with some Kailh Box Jades, thinking another 60% or maybe even try out a 40%. Really liking a lot of the stuff I'm seeing in the IC subforum. Anyways, looking forward to chatting with everyone about their setups and whatnot.  ;D

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Re: Hello, Geekhack. I'm RhubarbKeys!
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 02 March 2020, 22:19:14 »
welcome aboard!