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Hello from Indonesia!
« on: Fri, 06 March 2020, 06:14:36 »
Hi everyone, been lurking here for some time now and decided to make an account a few weeks back, I've been in this hobby for a year now and it's been super fun!

I own a modded leopold FC980M and an entry level KBDfans Tina-C custom which I enjoy very much, but I've been wanting to dip my feet into the more expensive customs/kustoms that you all seem to enjoy.

I'm thinking of buying the duck sidewinder from primekb as I'm a huge fan of duck0113's designs and also it's cheap  :D :D. What do yall' think?

I'm also super interested in starting a custom mech business, but that can wait until I get more experience from this community haha.
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