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Hello from Barcelona/Bilbao - Spain
« on: Sat, 07 March 2020, 08:36:34 »
Hi everyone,

This is shine from Barcelona,

I'm a keyboard fanatic since 2017 when i got my first mech keyboard, a Ducky year of the rooster MX brown.

Now I own:

Apple Desktop Keyboard (Salmon Alps)
Tulip ATK 030234 (White Alps)
NTC (White Alps - Dead board, future switch donor)
Mitumi ****ty kb
IBM M122 (2 units, one for sale)
IBM M with gray industrial unicomp case and color keycaps (2 units)
IBM 3276 Beamspring
Sanyo N860-2905-t004 (Fujistu rebrand)
KBD75V2 with lubed (tribosys 3203) novelty creams (in process)
2x IBM 5160 PC XT for sale too

And I'm looking for my unicorn, the IBM F122 with build date 1984 (my year) :) If have hope in this forum

Best regards and have fun!

Beamspring 1978 IBM 3276 data entry | Model F F122 (6110345), F XT, F Bigfoot | Model M IBM M122, IBM M industrial gray, IBM M square logo | Alps Salmon (Apple), White (Tulip) | Custom KBD75V2 with Holy Pandas