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Hi from the UK!
« on: Fri, 20 March 2020, 07:50:38 »
Hi all,

Hope you're all staying safe and disinfecting your keebs regularly at this crazy time!

A few quick questions as a newbie:

1. Is there a topic anywhere where people can just post pictures of their keyboards?
2. Are there many others here from the UK?
3. Are there any in depth terminology guides anywhere on the forum? I think I generally know most of it but still struggling with things like "gasket/top mount" regarding the plates/cases and "PCB/plate mount" regarding stabs etc.

As for me... I'm currently awaiting my first lot of group buy/Keyboard kits. Can't wait to start building!

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Re: Hi from the UK!
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 20 March 2020, 14:06:55 »
Hey - welcome!!

Also from the UK here. THere is a pretty solid UK contingent on Discord as well. Let me know if you want an invite!!

In terms of pictures you can always use this thread, where people share the board they are using now -;topicseen

There is a wealth of knowledge on here if you search, as well as on the discord servers but here is a great introduction to mounting styles -

Let us know what you have coming in!!

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Re: Hi from the UK!
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 26 March 2020, 11:30:44 »
Hi Jae,

Thanks for the response! I recently watched one of your build videos on YT. It was a great way of spending 2 hours during the lockdown!

Thanks for the link to information on mounting. Quick question... do stabs matter in terms of quality? Do they really differ much?

I'm waiting on the Modern Dolch Light keycap set and I also managed to get in on the new Canoe Gen 2. Little confused on both though (my first group buys). I'm not sure where I can go for updates on the Canoe. What's the usual lead time on stuff like that? 12 months? When it comes around i'm planning on getting some Tealios V2's in there.

I've also recently got in a 65% kit from KBDFans and some Gateron Blacks that I plan on lubing. But I don't have any keycaps for that yet.

I do have the GMK Miami keycap set but didn't realise it wouldn't be suitable for a 65% board so I'm thinking of also getting a DZ60 and finding either a suitable wooden or poly case.

What clicky style switches are all the rage at the moment? I'm thinking i'll switch that one up and go clicky but have mainly been researching linear switches.

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Re: Hi from the UK!
« Reply #3 on: Thu, 26 March 2020, 22:23:58 »
Hello vinyl, Welcome to Geekhack!

I wanted to mention to you that our subforum: Geekhack Media is a subforum dedicated to just posting any sort of picture you like about keyboards, feel free to post in even older threads, some of them see activity just a few times a month.

that aside, we're all here for one reason, many other forums will gladly accept pictures of keyboards and builds if it's on topic enough. So don't feel limited, no-one is going to complain about some color.  :)

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