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Greetings from England!
« on: Mon, 23 March 2020, 22:47:04 »
Hello geekhack! I, as many others, have recently intensely spiralled into the amazing world of keyboards. I've used a Model M (1996 51G) as a daily driver since 2013, but didn't start investing time and money until early last year, when my first M broke and I acquired 2 1401 (88 and 89) Ms from the US (I like ANSI) in excellent shape, which I still use as my boards at home and in the office.

Recently I started delving deeper into the intricacies of IBM keyboards. These are my favourite type -- I appreciate the legacy and the charisma. As a PhD student myself, I cannot afford very expensive keyboards without jeopardising my monthly budget. So I decided to search for old keyboards, restore, and sell them on eBay. It's a good way to build up some cash to fund other keyboards whilst still learning how to clean, restore, and repair them. I've successfully sold 2 last week, so, feeling good about that. Right now I have 2 1391401 Ms, 1 1391406 M that is going for sale as soon as this lockdown is halted, a Battlecruiser M122, and an F XT. Unfortunately I lack the adapters to make the last 2 work yet.

My main goal as of now is to acquire an F122. That would give me great peace of mind and make me stop frantically searching eBay several times a day for some good news. So, please do let me know if you can help with that :)

I consider myself a beginner, so there is a lot to learn from you all. Here's a picture of my office setup during late-night work.