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Greetings from North Carolina!
« on: Tue, 24 March 2020, 19:38:30 »
Hello all! I am very new to the Keyboard Community but very happy to be here.

I got into Keyboards no more than 2 months ago after building my first keyboard. I am not satisfied with the keyboard I have now so after building my Computer, I wondered, can you customize and build your own keyboard? Sure enough, I found this awesome community full of great people.
I joined my first group buy a couple days ago and nose dived into getting GMK Apollos base kit and Deskmat.

I plan to keep my eyes peeled for any board GB 60-75%, so if anyone has any upcoming feel free to send them my way! (zy#9096, I prefer discord!)
Within the months from the end of GMK Apollo to it being shipped out, I will be going for some Alpaca Linears and getting my Stabs as well.

Glad to be in this community, and thanks all.