Author Topic: "Switch Modification" Category? Thread?  (Read 1114 times)

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"Switch Modification" Category? Thread?
« on: Wed, 25 March 2020, 11:28:32 »
Hi everybody!
I'm wondering if there is a "switch mod thread" as this seems to be a major part of the hobby. I found a thread, but that unfortunately died. I understand the sound and feel is going to differ, regarding plate, case and what not. The description of the switch feel is not scientific. Recording quality of microphones differ.
I appreciate cunstructive replies.

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Re: "Switch Modification" Category? Thread?
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 25 March 2020, 11:32:17 »
don't know that there's a listing anywhere....
- swapping springs
   - lighter, heavier
- swapping tops
   - different material for sound difference or LED compatibility, or just for aesthetics (different colors)
- swapping stems
   - from clicky to tactile to linear to dampened, different brands or materials
- switch films
   - reduce wobble in certain switches, can effect sound as well
- lubing
   - type of lube/s used
   - how/where lube was applied
- silencing clips
- stem modification (jailhouse, etc..)

there are tons of switches and millions of possible combinations.....
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Re: "Switch Modification" Category? Thread?
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 26 March 2020, 06:08:09 »
Just because a thread is old doesn't mean it's dead - MX switches haven't changed so any info will still be accurate, though there will be more options today which might not be covered.  Posting in a thread answering someone's "how do I fix this?" question from a year ago is a silly idea and that's what the "are you sure you want to post" message is trying to avoid but if you want to bump an old thread which looks useful please do :)
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