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KAT Ergo Kit Guide (Feedback welcome)
« on: Mon, 13 April 2020, 10:48:04 »
KAT has come on the scene in a big way for Ergodoxian keyboard users.  Its MOQ pricing structure means that specialized kits aren't left high-and-dry.

However, some of the KAT kits for Ergo are making mistakes in their contents.  This is somewhat understandable, as it's a new profile, and it's not entirely clear what legends people actually want.  Most kits seem to copy an existing GB's mods, and therefore they retain the mistakes made in prior kits.

Below, I have assembled a guide for building an Ergo mods kit with legends.  You should probably not include everything shown below, as that may get too pricey.  Where there are many options, I have roughly organized keycaps based on popularity informed by my own experience as well as the survey I ran last year.  (Note that KAT uses different row numbering than GMK/SA as referenced in the link).

Keyboard Layout Editor Diagram for KAT Ergo Kit

The biggest mistake currently being made is in the thumb cluster 1u keys.  Thumb cluster 1u keys should be R2 for KAT, even though the 2u keys are R1.  This is because R2 is the flattest row for KAT, similar to SA's R3.  Similarly, 1.5u vertical keys should also be R2.  Bottom-row 1u keys can either be R1 or R2: R1 is probably the best option. With R2 you can merge the set of legends for the thumb cluster 1us and bottom-row 1us, potentially making a less expensive kit.

When making a blank Ergo KAT set, the thumb clusters can optionally include 4x R3 keys (for the keys immediately above the verticals), but that's just too much variety to handle with legends.

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Re: KAT Ergo Kit Guide (Feedback welcome)
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 13 April 2020, 11:30:13 »
The only thing I might add is for the bottom row 1u keys, consider including more than 1 of some of the legends. I personally use 2x OS keys (although 2 matching novelties would work just fine) and 2x ALT keys.

My bottom row (sol and sol2)

1.5u CTRL, 1u OS, 1u ALT, 1u DEL, 1u FN
1u ALT, 1u OS, 1u dot, 1u CTRL, 1.5u ENTER

The 1u dot I would never expect to be there.
I currently use an artisan for it. It is actually a duplicate .> key because my ring finger slips pretty regularly.

Overall though this guide is damn near perfect.

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Re: KAT Ergo Kit Guide (Feedback welcome)
« Reply #2 on: Thu, 30 April 2020, 04:17:59 »
This is making me think about other ergo layouts as well. My daily drives is Corne, but this applies to all thumb clusters. I believe thumb keys should either be convex, low or at the very least incline upwards so your thumb doesn't hit the edge.

On Cherry profile it's very common to use R4 upside down for thumb keys and I thought for KAT I would do the same where necessary.

I'll have KAT Milkshake on my hands soon (hopefully) and it will be my first time with KAT, so I'm curious to see how that works out.