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Parts for XD75 / First Build
« on: Thu, 14 May 2020, 15:26:55 »
Hey y'all! Looking at doing my first build here soon; settled on an XD75, as I've fallen in love w/ the split layout.

I've been surfing around KPRepublic all day, and think I settled on all the parts that I need. Just wondering if it's proper, and a few questions off of it.

First, the parts.

For caps, I'm going to pick up the MDA Big Bang V2.0

So my questions:

  • Do I need to purchase LEDs to fit into this? If so, which ones?
  • I've never soldered before; don't even own an iron. Is it worth paying KPRepublic the cost (I think it's around $20 total for switches and LEDs) to solder it all for me? Or should I attempt this?
  • Anything else that I missed completely? First build, so wanting to make sure I've covered all of my bases.