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A decade on Geekhack
« on: Fri, 22 May 2020, 05:27:46 »
Today marks my ten-year anniversary as a user on Geekhack.
Yet. It does not feel like ten years. Where has all the time gone?

I had found this place because I wanted to customise a keyboard with a Star Wars theme when building a new PC, and I found posts here about a custom called the Datamancer that had been built from a Model M.
I got a tip on some mechanical keyboard, bought a few and really liked them. Then I experienced hand and arm problems from typing and mousing a lot at work, which prompted me to change to mechanical keyboards with light feel and I was hooked.

I experienced the explosion of the keyboard hobby(hobbies), from a relatively small group of die-hard enthusiasts who used mostly vintage, to mechanical keyboards becoming mainstream and then the the rise of customs.
I got most of my small collection in the first few years after that they were not dirt-cheap any more. :-
I knew of Ripster, before it was evident he lost his mind. I saw Razer ask the community about keyboards   the community answering that they wanted clicky, the result kickstarting the mainstream and then being ridiculed for being too pedestrian when it got overtaken by the rest of the industry.
I was in the first run of the ErgoDox. I remember when Signature Plastics DCS was the **** (because that was the only custom keycaps there was), and I was in the first attempt at a group order from GMK. I saw people leave and found Deskthority, and I helped kick-start their Wiki by entering info from Geekhack's old lost one because I thought one was important.

I had got a collection mostly to try different things, to find what I like and to learn.
I found my preferences relatively early: I am happy with blank PBT keys in Cherry profile and Cherry MX Clear (albeit lubricated and silenced). I have seen a lot of people join, and a lot of weird trends.

What should I do next?
I still have not finished and released my home-made firmware: I resume work on it now and again and it will probably never hold up to the likes of QMK. And I have had an ergo design for a bunch of years (although I don't really use ergo keyboards myself). But I dunno, with so many other things being out there by now.
I am still learning and I am still fascinated by this hobby -- but there are so many things going on now that I have a difficulty keeping up.
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Re: A decade on Geekhack
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 22 May 2020, 05:52:21 »
Glad to hear the passion's still there after all this time without feeling the need to buy every shiny new thing (not that it's possible anymore)

Would be interesting to see a true veteran's take on firmware and keyboard design too.
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Re: A decade on Geekhack
« Reply #2 on: Fri, 22 May 2020, 07:59:48 »
To think that i was 6 years old when you joined is nuts. Am 16 now

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Re: A decade on Geekhack
« Reply #3 on: Fri, 22 May 2020, 08:35:57 »

I knew of Ripster, before it was evident he lost his mind.

My anniversary is coming up next spring, I think.

Ripster was still rational when I started, and I had a couple of pleasant and informative exchanges with him. He was a bit snarky at the time but nothing cray.
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Re: A decade on Geekhack
« Reply #4 on: Mon, 25 May 2020, 02:57:26 »
Happy anniversary! Since you asked (rhetorically?) what to do next and listed a few options, I thinking building your own ergo board sounds the most interesting.

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Re: A decade on Geekhack
« Reply #5 on: Mon, 25 May 2020, 23:25:23 »
That's pretty cool that you've seen all that and have the "war stories" from the old days. I've been on here only a bit over three years because I kept coming across the site when googling info about Model M's. I got sucked in when I joined the F77 and M65-A groupbuys. I seem to get into everything right as it's getting popular/mainstream, so I am envious of your ten years of history here! I hope you continue to stick around.
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