Author Topic: Hi from Germany / Road to artisanship  (Read 374 times)

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Hi from Germany / Road to artisanship
« on: Sat, 23 May 2020, 21:54:10 »
Hey geekhackers!

Another lurker joining your ranks, after the rabbit hole really drew me in this year. I've been using MKs for what feels like forever (several DasKeyboard since model 3, Kinesis Advantage 2) but finally switched to a Erdodox EZ at the end of last year. They ability to hotswap switches really was a game changer for me. I ended up trying out way too many different switches (currently: weighted mix of box whites and jades), am waiting on my first groupby (KAT Oasis) and looking into a full custom build.

When quarantine hit, I took a deep dive into artisan creation and even managed to get my wife on board for the paint job ;) Feel free to follow our current progress leading up to the first raffle on instagram! Hopefully these orcs will some day end up in the marketplace section and with other geekhackers :)

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Re: Hi from Germany / Road to artisanship
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 26 May 2020, 11:58:25 »
Hi KeyCravings. Welcome to Geekhack.

I have a Das Pro 4 that I still use from time to time myself. I swapped some Kailh box navies into it and put some cheap thick double shot caps on it. It is a joy to type on.

Hot swap sure is nice for testing new switches and configurations. My first hot swap board still hasn't arrived on the slow boat from China. I have gone through the slow process of desoldering and soldering for every board so far, and I've luckily chosen switches that I love every time, otherwise it would be annoying to be disappointed about them after the fact.

Jades and whites are both wonderful switches. Jades are my favorite of the family, being nice and bassy, and even close in tactility to Alps SKCM.

That's cool that your wife has joined in. I hope she gets sucked into the rest of the keyboard ... addiction as well.

I don't get the whole artisan thing myself, but I can appreciate good craftsmanship, and those caps look great. Good job.  :thumb: