Author Topic: [IC] GMK Sparta - Rising from the ashes  (Read 60462 times)

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Re: [IC] GMK Sparta - Rising from the ashes
« Reply #250 on: Wed, 08 July 2020, 02:14:02 »
Ne update avail? ;)

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Re: [IC] GMK Sparta - Rising from the ashes
« Reply #251 on: Thu, 16 July 2020, 19:08:16 »
This set is absolutely stunning. I mean, gorgeous.

The color choices, the Greek alphas, the novelties - great work.
I am not one for novelty kits, since I prefer artisans, but this one matches the set wonderfully. Moreover, that deskmat... insane.

The only recommendation I have is to consider artisan collabs. IMO, an ArtKey Bull V2 collab ( will pair nicely. The whole Greek Mythology/Minotaur aspect. Moreover, Melonkeys was teasing a Medusa sculpt ( that I feel would fit in perfectly. Furthermore, I'd like to see a Latrialum collab as well.

Nonetheless, glad this is going to be offered again. I am impatiently waiting.
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