Author Topic: new to the community not new to computers. wanna learn how to do some modding  (Read 848 times)

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hello everyone, im a computer builder since 2005 who dables in a little bit of everything. im a tinkerier whitch is what brought me to this community. i wanna learn how to or get my logitech g13 moded with mechanical keys its nearly 10 years old and since its now discontuned I'd like to get it upgrade. i really cant game with anything else, my wrists are pretty bad and this really helped me when i found it back in 2010 or 2009 so it might even be over 10 years old. im a light gamer with the tenancy for heavy binging once and awhile XD i just built a new computer rig around a 3900x and 5700xt :) still looking forward to what the gpu wars will yeild. things are really getting interesting. its a really interesting time to be a techy right now im getting super excited for allot of things. including VR . thinking of building a vr rig too maybe once the rdna2 amd chips come out and stocks start geting better. its so hard to build a computer right now :(

so just wanted to say hi, see if i could makes some contacts or maybve some friendly members who could point mt to htings i may interested around here. its pretty overwhelming to dig through a new forum and this one appears to have quite the communit with lots to read! very excited to find a big community of modders :) currently interested in the mech switch mod for my g13, cant seem to find much on tutorials :\

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Welcome :)

Sweet build :)
The new high core count Ryzen chips look very appealing 😩✊

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