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Hi from a Brit in NL!
« on: Tue, 23 June 2020, 06:44:15 »
Hey folks!

I'm British and have been living in the Netherlands for 8 years. I'm a designer/developer by trade and love making things. I have a lot of experience with Arduino, Raspberry Pi plus coding for the web (html/css/js/php/perl/python) etc and so naturally it was just a matter of time until I fell into the mechanical keyboard scene.

I bought my first mech back in April when we started working from home after 15+ years of Apple keyboards. I needed something relatively quick so I ordered a Keychron K2 with Gateron browns and it's not a bad keyboard. As is the way, I quickly set about modifying it and sprayed the aluminium frame a nice deep "Deadpool" red. After that, well... down the rabbit hole I went and set about building my own mechanical keyboard macropad using the rather exotic choice of a Seeeduino Xiao and Circuit Python. I love to share so I documented the process on my little website that I knocked up for such things.

Then the cravings started and I started looking into options to build a full keyboard. I fell in love with the Discipline 65 but with it being out of stock *everywhere* I resulted in going down the full "open source" self build route. I've already ordered the PCB's from JLCPCB, a bunch of the electrical components and I'm just waiting for the switches to arrive. When my kid saw I had enough PCB's to order more than one he jumped on me and asked if I could build him one as well. I'll be using Kaihl Box Heavy Burnt Orange switches for this build.