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Misplaced Order?
« on: Tue, 23 June 2020, 08:27:10 »
I have had an order in with KPRepublic for over three weeks that has gone nowhere, and they are not responding to my emails. I am leaving this here in hopes that I can establish some way of communicating with the vendor about my order.

On 31 May, I ordered a Muted all-in-one keycap set and an XD64 kit, all of which were indicated as in stock on at the time (I would not have been able to order them otherwise). I wrote my item selections for the XD64 kit into the comment field in the order form.

Several days later, I received an email asking for the item selections for the XD64 kit and I responded the same day, figuring the comment field must have been lost somehow. There was no mention of anything being out of stock. I did not hear anything from KPRepublic after this email, even though I sent several more emails.

Recently, I noticed items in the Muted set gradually going out of stock, until the entire set was out of stock. Not knowing what this meant for me as someone who had ordered when the set was listed as in stock, I increased my efforts to contact the vendor and finally got a response from Elvin today (through web chat) simply saying that the items are out of stock. I sent the message on my home computer and did not see the response until I got home from work tonight.

For background, a complete timeline of my interactions with KPRepublic:

2020-05-31: Order placed.
2020-06-01: Received thank you email from Elvin Smith.
2020-06-05: Received another email from Elvin Smith asking for item selections for XD64 kit.
2020-06-05: Responded with XD64 kit item selections. No response.
2020-06-15: Sent another email. No response.
2020-06-16: Sent another email with a question. No response.
2020-06-19: Left a message in the embedded web chat on asking about order status. No response.
2020-06-22: Sent an email asking about order status. No response.
2020-06-23: Left another message in web chat. Got a response from Elvin saying keycap set and PCB are out of stock.

Right now, I am trying to find out what happened with my order. I can think of two possibilities:

  • The items were in stock when I ordered, but my order was misplaced or ignored and they sold out while my order remained unfulfilled
  • The items were never in stock, the website was wrong, and KPRepublic neglected to inform me and offer a refund

I wanted to handle this through email, which I consider to be the normal means of online business communication, but I have not received a single response to any email I sent to KPRepublic. Their web chat is cumbersome to use and does not transfer amongst multiple computers, so I am trying this forum in the hope of establishing some means of reliable, portable communication to find out what happened with my order.
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Re: Misplaced Order?
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 01 July 2020, 03:16:45 »
Sorry for such inconvenience.

Please DM us your order number.

So that we could check your order and give you the refund.

Thank you,

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Re: Misplaced Order?
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 14 July 2020, 12:18:57 »
Ye its been nearly 3 months since i placed my order on april 28th 2020 sent a few emails to elvin smith and no replys. :(
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