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Hello there!
« on: Mon, 29 June 2020, 03:51:40 »
Hi Guys,
it seems like i slipped into a rabbit hole or something. I just wanted to learn a new ergonmic keyboard layout.
Somehow i found my way to split keyboards and with that i found switches, stumpled over videos, reviews and drop.

Now im fully into it, i ordered stuff from drop, some pcbs for a Corne split keyboard, material for custome cables.
I wanted to 3D Print most of the Stuff, because im a huge 3D Print fan, just finished my month long custome Printer
and hoped my wallet can heal now.....yikes.

But the custome stuff looks just to good.
Im liking the Space65 CV (hope there will be extras), the TOFU and all the Mito laser and KAT Cyberspace keycaps.