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I'm new don't hurt me
« on: Mon, 29 June 2020, 09:36:12 »
Hello guys,

A close friend of mine is a big mechanical keyboard lover and he was the one that got me into this community.

I started off with just some interest in artisan keycaps from people like Dwarf Factory, Artkeys, Keyforce, etc. but then move onto GMK set and stuffs.

Now, everything about custom keyboard intrigues me at some degree. Can't say I have the budget to really spend on most of the stuffs I see on the site, but I love all the design that every member has shown on this community, the creativity is what really captivated me.
With that being said, I'm still saving up to build my first custom keyboard (hopefully satisfaction 75 or think 6.5 rev 2), I have purchased a few tools to help me prepare for it though (just got silent alpacas and some lubing tools) and am still planning to get more stuffs for my first custom.

I might be new to this but I'll try my best to stick around and get involve in the community more and more.

P/s: sorry for my bad English.


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Re: I'm new don't hurt me
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 29 June 2020, 12:52:14 »
Welcome :)

Everyone I see that apologizes for bad English seems to be using it fine :))

Keyboards: GON NS NerD Crystal TKL & OTD 356CL Dark Greyhat Edition, baybee!