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New member from East coast US hello
« on: Tue, 30 June 2020, 23:13:06 »

  • Kbd67mkII, GMK Vaporwave, Zealios 67g + Kaihl Box Jade, Zeal Stabs, Switches&Stabs lubed with 205g0. Foam on both sides and 'bandaid' mod but I used electrical tape instead. I put box jades on escape, arrows, side keys(pgup+pgdn ect.) and enter key with the rest being the Zealios 67g
  • Black Tokyo60 V3 with diffuser, epbt Gok Bow, Zealios 67g, Zeal Stabs, Switches&Stabs lubed with 205g0. Foam on both sides and 'bandaid' mod but I used electrical tape instead. Will put in C3 Tangerines when they come in the mail soon on Friday!!
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Hello everyone I hope that you are all doing well and thanks for reading my post:

So I made the huge mistake of googling "really nice keyboard" and clicking the reddit link to "mechanical keyboards" after taking the money I was going to spend at a music festival and putting it into a high end gaming rig.

I decided that I was going to wait about 2 months and lurk before investing. Collecting the keyboards reminds me alot of another hobby of mine - Vaporwave Vinyl records. But at least with keyboards, the companies give you the courtesy of generally telling you what TIME an item would drop as well as the date. With Vaporwave Vinyl records, they don't give you that luxury you just have to be on call and snipe it. Also it's just like any other hobby, something dropping and then a huge wave of "OMG I DIDNT GET IT/**** BOTS&SCALPERS RUINING THE COMMUNITY" after it sells out in -5 seconds.

So before buying I outlined what I would want.

  • I need a general keyboard for my computer to play games and surf the internet and just in general be a cool kid on
  • I need a keyboard for work that isnt too loud.
  • I needed a wireless keyboard so that I could sit on the couch and use my PC being displayed on my television
  • I needed a keyboard for my mom. Shes an writer and publisher and I figured for mothers day I'd get her a present (little did i know how long everything would take).

So after a bunch of research and lurking I went with the options listed above.

After a bunch of waiting I finally saw the 'kbd67mk2' was going to be on sale and I figured this would be a great time to snipe an affordable '3rd tier' awesome keyboard. I sat at my computer and waited on kbdfans until the appropriate time while mashing the ctrl+r combo.... I even did a test run the night beforehand and ordered a $3.00 thing on there just so I could understand what were the steps to checkout and also pre-register any info I would have to make it faster. Yes these are the types of things you have to do to get rare vaporwave vinyl records and so I have a bit experience with that. Actually seeing the keycaps GMK Vaporwave made me want to get a mech just because of how awesome it was. I started by getting a switch tester at home off of amazon, it just had a bunch of MX switches on it. I decided i liked clickies and after some research I ordered the following switches listed below
  • Box Jades
  • Zealios 67g
  • Drop Holy Pandas
  • C3 Tangerines
I first put box jades in the keyboard because they came first and also the concept of lubing was a bit daunting to me at the time (soldering is the same way now) so I decided to get a clicky that I didnt necessarily have to lube. I really loved it actually and used them for about a month. However, the double click became disorienting while typing and interrupted my rhythm. Also it felt good but I felt like there was something...more. A more subtle flavor which I could like for a longer period of time instead of a very intense flavor that I would grow tired of after a period of time. I needed a flavor that was... ... ... timeless.

So after doing a bit more research I decided to invest in 2 tactiles and a linear. I decided that I wanted to try the much lauded about staple Zealios in the 67g variant (seemed like the right fit for me just from reading descriptions about it from people kind enough to review). Also of course I heard about Holy Pandas and saw that drop was doing a pre-order for un-lubed ones so I decided to jump in on that (no idea when those are supposed to come in). For the linear I decided to try c3 tangerines in the 62g variant. Recently I decided to purchase a 'zealios tester pack' containing a ton of different zealios switches. After playing around with them I decided I MUST try the Tealios on a full keyboard).

Anyway I am extremely happy with my choices. I am waiting for GMK Bread to drop and will put that on my black tokyo60 to endgame that bad boi

Cheers guy!!!!

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Re: New member from East coast US hello
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 30 June 2020, 23:54:13 »
Well all of that sounds fun! What is it about the double clicks of the Box Jades that threw you off?

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Re: New member from East coast US hello
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 01 July 2020, 00:12:00 »
Hey thanks for taking the time to read my post. Well the box jades have 2 clicks - one on the upstroke and down stroke. The audio threw off my cadence and rhythm when typing honestly the main reason I changed was that the keys felt...sticky. I don't know how else to say they. They were nice for a while but I've decided these zealios are definitely the way to go for me...that is - until I try these linears I have coming in the mail I might like those more we'll see