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tinkerBOY ADB Converter Review
« on: Fri, 03 July 2020, 23:43:19 »
Greetings everyone!  :thumb:

This is a small review on tinkerBOY's ADB Converter that converts an Apple ADB cable to USB.
You can find the link to this & his page here:

Recently I got fairly lucky on good old eBay and snagged an Apple ADB Keyboard for a decent price - the Made in Japan variant with the mighty Alps Orange tactile switches.
The overall condition was great, with the caveat that the insides needed a bit of cleaning, though thankfully the switches themselves seem to be in great shape! :thumb:
Of course, being converter-less, I needed to figure out a way to convert it to USB pronto.

Enter tinkerBOY Controllers.

Pricing was a modest $37 USD, and from the looks of it, it simply was an active converter that used the TMK ADB Core library for key mapping/protocol. "No special drivers needed to use - simply plug and play".

Now, being in the US, and him presiding in the Phillipines - pricing for shipping could of been cheaper ($27 for 2 Day FedEX Air).
Since it was the only option, I went ahead with it & checked out successfully fairly quickly.

After confirming my address with him, he quickly sent me tracking and confirmations for the converter, and by the end of the same day it was already on the way.

It took only 2 full days of shipping to arrive, which was indeed impressive.
Inside was simply a small electronics specific bag with the converter inside of bubble wrap.

Well, I quickly attached the ADB cable for the keyboard to the converter, which was a nice snug fit.
My fastest PC happens to use Windows 10, so I quickly hooked up the converter via USB to the laptop.

AND JUST LIKE THAT - I was typing on a circa 1990 Apple Keyboard on my work Slack channel!!!  :cool: :thumb: :cool: :thumb:
Indeed there was no configuration required, even for a Windows laptop, and I've been rocking this badboy on my machine ever since(this review has been typed on the converted ADB keeb!!!  :cool:).

So to wrap up, if anyone is looking to use their bespoke vintage Apple keyboards for modern USB, without having to solder or remap keys yourself - look absolutely no further than tinkerBOY controllers.
He also makes other highly sought after converters like IBM Model F, IBM Terminal, other Apple Converters (M0110) etc!

RhubarbPi  :thumb:

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