Author Topic: Customizable 3d printed ortholinear keyboard with replaceable keycaps and QMK FW  (Read 1995 times)

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This custom keyboard was created to speed up my 3D CAD development. My 60 most used commands are now just a click or two away. The keyboard is fully customizable with QMK, uses standard components and is easy to replicate since it does not use a PCB, instead everything is 3D printed using the 3DPCB idea.

  • 33 keys (5x6+3)
  • Easy to customize (printable keycaps with laminated paper inlay)
  • Anyone can build it using a 3D-printer (FFF/FDM), common components and a soldering iron.
  • QMK firmware (allowing advanced keyboard layout)
  • Replaceable keycaps twist and release
  • Using common 6x6mm TACT switches
  • Anti-ghosting using 1N4148 diodes
  • No PCB required (everything is 3D printed)
  • Low activation force (depending on switches)
  • Ergonomic half size keyboard enables shoulder width position of hands.

Check out how to build one here and let me know what you think:

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Wow. That's an stuning work. Just viewing the designs you can appreciate how many hours you invested designing this keyboard. I think the concept for the wiring is unbeatable.

Maybe if the height and travel of the keys was something really important for you you could have tried using kailh choc switches.

But I really thing that, today you came with something really important that will mark a milestone for handwired keyboards to everyone that has a 3d printer.

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Super cool! Thanks for sharing :)