Author Topic: Do Kailh Choc Low Profile Switches fit Cherry MX cutout SwillKB plate builder.  (Read 1328 times)

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Dear forum,

I want to build a hand wired keyboard with low profile switches.
I did some research, but still do not feel quite sure, so I'm asking here explicitly:
If I create a plate using cutouts fit for Kailh Choc low profile switches (assuming I use 1.2mm thick plate)?
If yes, which switch type do I need to choose? (I assume the simplest one, but just want to be sure)

Thank you!

Nice Brat.

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As of my experience the cuts for mx switches are a bit loose for choc switches as these are better with 13.8 mm instead of 14. You can learn to move the cuts on any free cad program as it won't be diffficult

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You will also want to modify the switch spacing from the cherry standard if you don't want large gaps between the keys. Spacing for chocs is 18mm x 17mm vs cherry mx's 19.05mm x 19.05mm.