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I'm new-ish here
« on: Sun, 19 July 2020, 04:11:50 »
Hello geekhack residents! I've been kinda lurking on here for a while, but never properly intro'd myself!
I'm Lazesummerstone on here and other places on the internet and, I've had a interest in keyboards ever since a coworker showed me these crazy custom keycaps people were ordering in things called "Group Buys".  I think I saw them and said out loud: "Oh no!" because I knew myself well enough to know this was a rabbit hole I wouldn't be escaping from.

I'm a artist by trade so the care and attention that people put into their boards really caught me by surprise and made me love this community.

Now I've bought a Kira, a Candybar, a Canoe-v2, a Rama-Grid, and soon a Think65V2 in a matter of hours. I think im in this community for good.

I also have a Deskmat going on sale next month (Aug 19th) with TKC called Moody Moon:

And I'm working on a keycap set in my spare time which i hope will be spooky and intreguing!

So yeah it's fun here. 

Thank you if you got all the way through that introduction!  ;D