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Howdy from a new addict
« on: Mon, 20 July 2020, 02:31:37 »
I recently got my second mechanical keyboard, the Drop CTRL (first was a K70 RGB). My main reasons for choosing this specific keyboard were threefold (with the 0th reason being that it was prebuilt): 1) it has QMK; 2) it has the print screen/insert/delete/arrow keys chunk (I was barely ready to give up my numpad, so I didn't want to make the leap to 60% or less immediately); 3) it was available +/- immediately from Amazon (the shine on my K70 had really started to bother me, so I wanted something new ASAP).

So far, so good. Loving how I can do almost anything I want with QMK. I decided to try out tactile switches (Cherry MX Browns) since I had Cherry MX Reds on my K70, but I think I want to go back to linear. Maybe I just need to get used to them. Either way, I'm keeping my eye out for C3 Tangerines or NK Creams -- I've heard those are very good linears.

I haven't modded the CTRL yet -- wanted to get a feel for it stock. But now I'm thinking about picking up some Cherry stabs from flashquark and some Permatex 22058 dielectric grease (no need for the fancy stuff yet, IMO), and maybe even doing the bandaid mod...

I know I'm an addict because I haven't had the CTRL for a week and I'm already planning on making a keyboard from mostly-scratch (following Hadi Iskandarani's PCB design guide on YouTube -- it's not finished yet, unfortunately). I'm already scoping out nice-looking keycap ICs and GBs. I currently have my eyes on the GMK Dolch R5 and Enjoypbt '紺桃KON MOMO' sets... I'll wait a bit longer before I make a decision to either wait for Dolch, or jump on the KON MOMO (or see if anything else cool comes along in the meantime).

See you around,

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Re: Howdy from a new addict
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 24 July 2020, 12:15:57 »
Keep expecting to tackle a hand-wire project one of these days purely for the sake of saying I have.

Let us know when you come up with some interesting designs.  Also, you're only truly allowed the "addict" badge here when you have a display stand complete with finished keyboards and bare PCBs.  :))