Author Topic: Sooo... I guess I am fairly new and I want to change things  (Read 729 times)

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Sooo... I guess I am fairly new and I want to change things
« on: Mon, 20 July 2020, 13:15:47 »
Hello all!

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Robin and I think I started this hobby right before Corona happened. I think I was kinda looking for a new hobby after I stopped playing Magic the gathering because it was way too expensive and I only used the expensive stuff like once every two weeks. So basically now I have new money sink but at least I use it regularly.  because I just got into this I can (at the moment of writing) still count my custom keyboards on one hand.

For me, as an outsider, I thought the stuff was pretty difficult to begin with, which in my initial thought was weird. I mean like my initial thought was, 'wow I can build my own?' , 'this is solo coollll' , 'why was I never targeted by ads about this', etc

So basically I came to a conclusion the keyboard world is pretty underground and in order to help the market I felt like I have to supply the market to newcomers. My idea as you might have thought supply the market for an affordable price, so that is what I have been working on lately. My initial planning is to go live in phases and let the shop grow step by step. The shop will not sell anything pre-built but must make it look it easy, because hell anyone can do it as long as you are willing too.

Because I think people will not like it when I shill here I will not place my shop's name in here, if you are interested I will post in the vendor section on the 1st of August. (shipping Europe only)

If anyone of you beautiful people has advice, wanna chat or anything just hit me up.

I hope to receive a lot of love, and will give back the same :)

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Re: Sooo... I guess I am fairly new and I want to change things
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 22 July 2020, 00:00:59 »
Welcome :)

Yeah users here are known to not like vendors posting their own things 😀
Say one of their keyboards in the media forum :rolleyes:

I'm not in EU so I probably won't ever purchase anything from you but I'll take a look at the site when it's revealed.

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