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KBDFAN, new to geekhack
« on: Thu, 23 July 2020, 05:46:02 »
Hi, guys. New to geekhack and new to creating my own custom mech keyboard. I've been working with a Dell 101W running alps black for year now and recently i bought a Durgod Taurus Cherry browns, and i came to thinking that things could be better still. So, i did some research and ended up here at some other places to learn how i can build my own end game keyboard. I've now purchaed a kbdfans75 V2 pcb, brass plate and kailh cream switches. But soon after that i discovered the illusive TGR Alice, and fell in love, this made me rethink my 'end game' keyboard ;)

anyways, i'm hoping to learn and be amazed of the things to come. Going to finish my kbdfans75 and maybe opt for a 'Nasu' group buy.

btw, anyone know of alu case for the kbdfans75 v2 ?? i could wait for more color options for the kbdfans case but wondering if there are more cases out there that are compatible.

thanks guys and stay geeky.

Lennart (netherlands)