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Hello / Intro
« on: Thu, 23 July 2020, 14:27:58 »

My name's Pev from the UK - thought I'd say hello as GH has been a great resource so far for me lurking...

I'm a 25+ year ergonomic keyboard user. Originally MS Natural and more recently Goldtouch v1 then v2. Recently I've been keen to go mechanical as I used to love various ones I've used over the years but need something split for my RSI as it helps hugely. There doesn't seem to be much off the shelf that fits - maybe the Kinesis Edge/Pro (if I could find a UK one for sale) or the Mistel 770 but ideally I'd like something that's really a TKL form factor but mechanical and split. Not bothered by independent split as long as the angling is done right.
So basically that leaves me looking like I should probably design one from scratch unless anyone has any pointers towards something like that? TBH, the engineer in me quite likes the idea of doing a new custom design from scratch though!

Looking forward to the journey...