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What's up guys - Zain here (NYC)
« on: Fri, 24 July 2020, 19:02:11 »
Hey guys!

I'm Zain - have always been that friend who's asked "why do you own so many keyboards?", and after finding this, I feel I have somewhere to geek out.

My daily driver is a HyperX Origins with Linear Cherry Reds. Nothing great, which is why I'm here.
If someone can actually help me find this keyboard, I will owe you my life.

I believe this is the Keycult No2, but am not sure and am on a journey to find this juicy creaminess in my end-game keyboard.

Other than that, I also run a YouTube channel for programming, if anyone's interested or wants to show some love, hit me up:

Oh also, I live in SoHo in NYC, and was raised in Mississauga, ON. So if anyone's from around here, let's socially distance and chill.