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Hello, I came here for help
« on: Sat, 25 July 2020, 00:49:31 »
So I have a Ganss GS87. From other posts I have gathered that adding LED's to a non LED board is pretty difficult since the PCB isn't designed with LED's in mind. The difference is, one of my switches ( the F12 key ) HAS an LED in the slot, and it turns out the mother board has all the solder holes to add LEDs, but there is only one attached. My question is, if I soldered the LEDs on, would I have to use a dongle to somehow load a different firmware on the board? Or would it somehow just work? I have no issue soldering or using the dongle, I'm assuming the PCB is something mass produced and is used in other keyboards with LED's, possibly even RGB but with different firmware. Thanks for any help!

Here are some pics sorry if it's gross but it's 4 years old and that's the best cleaning I could muster after a 12 hour shift.