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How ya doing everyone?  ;D

Hailing from Ohio, I'm Anthony and I'm recently new to the world of custom keyboards. I've been into technology and built a few PCs for myself as well as went to college for Computer Information Systems. One of my coworkers broke out his custom keyboard one day and that was my first time seeing a non-pre-built board. It was cool to see, but I just remember it being the craziest thing, like how does that even work and where did he get parts from and what, why? That was pretty much around 4 years ago, and I haven't put much thought into it since.....until now. Actually, roughly a month ago from now, but meh. Anyways I just got started in this adventure. After I invested in a set of GMK Wavez, making my bank account hurt, I was off and on my way  :)). I only have one actually good keyboard until I get another kit and parts shipped to me. Other than that, just gonna hurry up and wait for those.