Author Topic: Thoughts on Durock Tactiles? Or other cheaper-than-zeal tactile options  (Read 571 times)

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Looking to get my first tactile switches for a new keyboard build and was hoping for some guidance in picking the right ones. I've been happily using linear switches for quite a while now and would like to try using some good tactile switches.

Been looking at Durock Koalas and T1s but I haven't found enough detailed reviews that compare it to other tactile switches so I'm wondering if anyone can give me some opinions on what are great and affordable tactile switches. I like the idea of the Zealios that have the bump right at the start but I don't think I can justify getting those as my first tactile switches. I've tried cherry browns and they just feel like sandy linears to me (don't mean to insult those who are happy with cherry browns  ^-^ ).

To any of you that have used Durock T1s or Koalas, how was your experience? Which one do you prefer? Can you suggest any other tactiles? Thanks!  ;D

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They are great tactile switches, and personally I think they are 8 to 9/10 comparing with HP from drops. No comment on the OG holy panda it is too expensive for me. Buy them man, no ragret

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I have a bunch of tactiles including OG and Drop Holy Pandas, but right now, my favorites are Koala switches & Outemu Silent Sky. The Koala switches are Durock, but marketed under ZugGear on Koala switches strike a satisfying balance between smoothness and tactility. While they're currently out of stock, an email reply I got 2 weeks ago indicate that more are on the way. 

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I have some Koalas and T1s in a switch tester, and I can't tell them apart aside from the spring weight. Out of the box they're both pretty rattly sounding with very sharp tactility, but after some 3404 and switch films they're extremely smooth and feel like a super tactile Topre switch.
Zelios V2s are much better stock than Koalas/T1s but feel equally smooth after lube. The 3 actually feel very similar when typing quickly, but when you push the keys slowly you can feel that the peak of the Z2's bump is a little lower and that the bump extends pretty much the whole travel. It also means they have less upstroke clack, which is pretty bad on unlubed T1s.
Take this with a grain of salt btw, I have a whole board of Koalas but my Zeals and T1s are just on a tester.