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New but not new
« on: Wed, 29 July 2020, 16:04:09 »
I've been around for a few years but haven't posted much. It's time for me to start selling some of the things I've accumulated over the years though and continue down the road of trying new stuff.

Currently I'm daily driving an AT101W with customized ALPS blacks, but I think I'm gonna build another custom build with ALPS dampened creams. I've got a GMMK compact with lubed Healios v2's in there and an AEKII, but I'm pretty much over the floating switch design and wanna try to keep things down below a full size. It might be time to just desolder the AEKII and get another Alps64 board to build.

Does anyone know of any other ALPS compatible PCBs that are 60-65% boards?
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