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Long time KB fan, new GH User
« on: Sat, 01 August 2020, 18:06:08 »
Hello guys, I'm typing this on my freshly switch-swapped (from Gateron Greens to KailH Box Reds) GMMK Tenkeyless.

Started back in 2012 with a Noppo Choc Mini (Cherry MX Blacks), then used a Blackwidow (Cherry MX Blues), from there moved to a KBParadise TKL (Cherry MX Blues), and then bought my beloved GMMK TKL with Gateron Greens.

My first experience with Mechanical Keyboards was when I played Starcraft 2, I found out about the competitive scene and started watching eSports for the first time. Every single time that the players got into their cabs, they would have these amazingly fresh keyboards, they looked really interesting so I started to dig a bit of info (I even tried a Qsenn Membrane one because many of the starcraft players were using it, I know it isn't mechanical though). That's when I found out about Mechanical Keyboards, when I started to read about them the concept just seemed to "clack" with me. That's when I decided to get one for myself.

Since I live in Mexico and at the time MKB's were not really known in here, I had to order from eBay (all the way from china) and the only decent one that I could find was the Noppo Choc Mini with Cherry MX Black switches.

Here's a picture from those times, I even had a Lego Mouse Bungee that I made

It felt amazing, I instantly fell in love with the feel of the keyboard. From then I tried clicky switches and liked them a lot, they became my go-to style of switch. It stayed that way for a while but lately I've been going back to my Choc Mini and I feel like I've heard them (the clicky switches) enough, I don't hate them and I still think they are cool, but I think I'm starting to prefer Linear Switches. That's why I just switched my GMMK to Box Reds, a bit lighter than the blacks that I enjoy so much in my Choc Mini and they turned out to be smooth as heck.

I know I'm not an enthusiast enough to build my own Keyboards from scratch, or get into many group buys for rare switches/keycaps. But I love watching them and reading about them, I drool over some of the pics you all guys share in here. So I whish to become part of this community and contribute what I can.

Here's my current setup, I'm looking to get a new cable for my kb because the nice braided one I had stopped working, and I know that the Plastic Table blows, I'm having a wood desk made.
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