Author Topic: Greetings from Spain, time to introduce myself!  (Read 582 times)

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Greetings from Spain, time to introduce myself!
« on: Sun, 02 August 2020, 03:48:10 »
Hello everyone who happens to be bored reading some introductions!

My name is Alejandro and after a few months reading the forum I have finally decided to participate and share what I have. This post also serves me too keep practicing and enjoying touch typing on my little first custom board, a DZ60 with some BOX Jade and a good SA set.  ;D

I started humble a few years ago with your typical razer blackwidow on sale but  last year began researching and fell into the hole building directly my first custom mentioned above.

From there I have been dipping my toes into the vintage scene getting ye old good model m and a dell at102w which I happened to linearize and do enjoy greatly.

I work as a programmer and with the keyboard as my main tool it made me fell in love with the experience so from now on my next project is building a corne and get a hotswap board to be able to try more switches frequently, or just put some millmax to the corne.

In any case came to a point where I do enjoy the hobby as a constant rather than occasionally when in need of a new one.

Pleased to meet you all! Also thanks everyone who put some work into designing and making stuff possible  :D