Author Topic: Long time lurker, finally joined.  (Read 866 times)

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Long time lurker, finally joined.
« on: Sun, 30 August 2020, 00:47:23 »
So ya, I've been lurking here for years browsing GB and peoples keebs. My first official Mech was a Razer BlackWidow TE 2013 Edition with Cherry MX Blues, on sale from the Microsoft Store quickly followed by a KeyCool 108 RGB with Kaihl Reds and a set of PBT shine thru, both from "Massdrop" (MX Blues did not jive with me). Then I discovered 60% and got in on the pre-order for a Pok3r RGB and a Hiragana PBT keycap set from Originative. I missed the arrow cluster and that let to discussions with folks on discord which led me to the Tada68 (and 65% keyboards in general) when the Mod- series tactile switches where in development. Eventually Massdrop came out with the Alt and the last of my major issues were solved where new if I discovered a new switch I liked I could pick it up and try it out in the hotswap socket. Now I'm about the get my KBD67v2 kit (hoping to also pickup a NK65 Entry Edition with some Glorious Holy Pandas), I've got a full set of lubed/filmed Zealio V2 with a spring swap and I'm waiting for my first GMK set.

Me, I'm an eternal college student, working on my next degree, I'm a naturalized US citizen and I've grown up loving to work on computers and Lego. Audiophile and Mechanical Keyboards were just a natural evolution.

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Re: Long time lurker, finally joined.
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 30 August 2020, 18:39:42 »
Hi and welcome. For me, the natural evolution from computers and Lego was to build a keyboard from Lego.