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coarse's PCB Design Services
« on: Sun, 30 August 2020, 16:39:16 »
Coarse's PCB Design Services

Hi! I'm coarse and I am a software engineer that designs keyboard PCBs. I cater mostly to personal keyboard projects but I also do designs for group buys.

You can checkout my works over at my website and github.
For quotations and business inquiries, you can contact me over at Discord (Miyo#2210) or via email at


I am open for PCB design commissions and consultations only. If you are from the Philippines, I also offer PCB prototypes for small quantities.


I can pretty much do most of the features available on custom keyboards. USB C, ESD protection, RGB, etc. You name it, I can probably do it.

However, there are some stuff that I know I'm capable of doing but takes up too much effort or I'm not that confident with developing. These features are listed below and will incur a large additional cost for designing and additional time for development:
  • per-key LEDs
  • Bluetooth
  • OLED screens
  • replacement PCB for a keyboard/case


Since I cater to personal projects, I have a base design fee for each PCB size with the most basic configuration (USB + onboard controller + MX switches + no lighting).
Adding more features will incur additional cost on top of the base fee.
The base fee ranges from 50 USD to 90 USD, depending on the size of the PCB.

If you plan on selling PCBs from the design, I require a royalty of 4 USD per board sold.

PCB consultations, $20/hr with a minimum of 2 hours.
PCB prototypes, a minimum of 2 prototypes per design. Cost will depend on PCB design but rates start at Php 1800. PCB design not included with prototypes


All payments done via Paypal invoicing

All services require a deposit before I can start on anything.
Commissions, upfront payment of 50% of the design fee.
Consultations, $40 upfront.
PCB Prototypes, cost of PCBs + components.


To get more accurate costs, please ask for a quotation via my website, Discord (Miyo#2210), or via email at


Discord: Miyo#2210